Eric Rains, Chairman
Matt Seebeck, Vice Chairman
Jud Aley
Peter Fullam
Pamela Parkington

Dilene Byrd, Secretary

Contact the Board:


James Travers, Director of Transportation, Parking and Mobility
Bryan Lutz, Assistant Director of Parking
Sirak Legesse, General Manager
Sonya White, Customer Services Manager

Customer Service Office – (203) 831-9063

A Letter From the Chairman

Park Norwalk are volunteer Norwalk residents appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council. Park Norwalk is a financially self-sustaining organization responsible for over 4,000 on and off-street parking spaces along the urban core including the railroad stations. In addition, Park Norwalk manages capital investments into facility infrastructure, smart parking technologies, economic development, mobility hub initiatives and programming, and curb management installations.

Park Norwalk’s mission is to enhance economic development and quality of life as a critical contributors through community partnerships, opportunities and financially balanced parking programs.

We are committed to making Norwalk a better place to live, work and visit by providing an exceptional municipal parking experience. We strive for perfection and we take pride in our efforts to be responsive to the public through excellence in service, communications, smart parking technologies and community collaboration.

Eric Rains
Chairman, Park Norwalk